The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors - Tips From an Expert!

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You have just got a new hardwood floor and are thrilled with your new investment. But that’s just it! It’s an investment, and any investment if not handled well and maintained can tour sour. That’s not what you want for your hardwood floor, is it? When you got your hardwood floor installed you definitely paid good money for it, but you forgot one major thing, to find out the best way to clean hardwood floors.

Installing a hardwood floor is not the problem; it’s what happens when the contractors or whoever installed it leaves and your there marveling at your brand new shiny floor. What makes you think it’s going to stay the same unless you maintain it? Don’t want to know the best way to clean hardwood floors so that your floor doesn’t lose the luster and the shine it had on the very first day?

There is no one particular wax or method that may qualify as the best way to clean hardwood floors. Yes there are specific mops and waxes and methods, but it does not count if you as an individual do not use some common precautions to make your floor spotless. For one, have mats around your house, especially at entrances. Dirt can cause scratches and can have a sandpaper effect on it. The best way to clean hardwood floors is firstly to see to the omission of outside dust and dirt onto these mats. This gives you a clean and dirt free environment to work on.

Vacuuming is perhaps the ideal way to initially get rid of all dirt and germs. There are methods of using damp mops, waxing, cleaners etc. The best way to clean hardwood floors however is to read up on matters concerning , how much water to use for damn mopping, what cleaners are not to be used, what finishing material is not to be used and so on and so forth. This will give you an idea about the do’s and don’ts and the best way to clean hardwood floors.

This being said, it’s essential to know simple facts when it comes to wood before you even consider getting a hardwood floor. Using coasters when serving the beverage of your choice, window treatments to avoid constant contact with sunlight are just some examples of the best way to clean hardwood floors.

After all , maintaining hardwood floors is not rocket science, all you have to do is remember all the times your mother would shout at you when you placed a glass on the table without a coaster and you’ll get the hang of it.

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