Why Choose Ash Hardwood Flooring?

Ash Hardwood Flooring

There are many reasons to consider adding ash hardwood floors to your home. Whether you are remodeling your old home or you just bought a house and you didn’t like the former owners’ taste, ash is a great choice. There are many things to love about ash for your hardwood flooring.


Your current kitchen floor gets a lot of abuse from your family, doesn’t it? If it’s not ash hardwood, it is probably not aging well. Maybe your daughter likes to assist you while you’re cooking, and she thinks it’s a great idea to throw the cast iron pots and pans on the floor, repeatedly. Or when you come home from work, you seemingly forget to remove your high heels. Your teenager, regardless how many times you remind him not to, as he comes in from playing in the back yard, he doesn’t pick up his skateboard and continues riding it halfway through the kitchen. All these things take a toll on that old floor and create dings, scratches and even chips that won’t ever repair themselves. Ash hardwood flooring is different.

With a Janka rating of 1320, they are perfect for high traffic areas. While the noise of the cast iron hitting your new floor makes you jump, you needn’t worry that it will leave a permanent scar. The first few months you have your new ash hardwood, you’ll surely remember to remove your heels before entering the kitchen, but once you start forgetting again, don’t worry! And although you have finally gotten your son to stop riding his skateboard through the house, on those occasions when his friends do, you’re not cringing the way you used to when your floor was made of the linoleum the former owners thought was oh so stylish!

Stylish and Low Maintenance

One of the things you probably didn’t love about your old floor was that putrid design. What was that in the linoleum? With ash hardwood, you can have a light colored wood that will compliment your beautiful oak cabinets. Part of the appeal for homeowners who choose ash for their flooring is that they want to install it and forget it. You’ll love the way it matches your cabinets and pairs well with your kitchen furniture. Your barstools will stand out more and your kitchen table will actually look brand new again. And cleaning up? Go ahead, spill something sticky! When your daughter isn’t banging the pots and pans, she is spewing food from her high chair onto the floor. The more you made that screwy face, the funnier she thought it was, right? With your new ash hardwood floor, now you can actually stick your tongue back at her and say, "Go ahead! I am not afraid of your strained peas and carrots. They’ll clean up as easily as you can mess it up again!"

What Are You Waiting For? Now that you know what you do about ash hardwood, flooring decisions just got a whole lot easier for you, didn’t they?

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